About us


Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) was the original name for a series of workshops which were devised to provide the best quality training for those natural healers who wanted a career as a kinesiologist. Dr Bruce Dewe and his wife Joan Dewe M.A. were the developers of the courses during the 1970’s. They and their organisation have worked tirelessly since then to re-create the material into a state-of-the-art training programme which continues to train practitioners to the highest standards available.

PKP practitioners have been called “the Crème de la Crème” as their course was widely recognised for many years to be the most complete training of kinesiology techniques. Since then, the training has been upgraded even further so that today’s practitioners are trained in business skills, practice management and a host of other tools which are needed to run a clinic in the 21st century.

There is a PKP difference: for the ICPKP trained practitioner, the focus for the client is not on treating their symptoms, but on creating a new outcome where there is no longer a problem.

Look for the Kinesiopractic® mark of excellence for best quality training in using kinesiology.

Our values

  • We value YOU (the customer) – we give you personalised service, and do our best for you. We know that you know yourself best and we will respect that when we work with you.
  • We value AUTONOMY – we are individual practitioners, free to walk alongside you to achieve your goal. We give clients space and freedom in our clinics and students space in the classrooms, to grow and change. We ourselves have been able to grow and learn at a pace that suited us, and we will give you the same opportunity. We know that individuals have responsibility for themselves and for their own choices, and we will support you in making life enhancing choices for yourself.
  • We have OPEN DOORS – with open hearts we welcome clients to our clinic, and students to our classes, so that you are met with kindness, warmth and compassion. We do our best to live by the Golden Rule (treat others as you would wish to be treated) and we would welcome you to join us in the activities we get up to.
  • We value QUALITY – in every strand of what we do. We learned from the best teachers, we practice top quality techniques, and we pass that on by teaching with excellence. We make it our life work to be the best providers of muscle testing and kinesiopractic® techniques, we use first class food grade supplements, and we accept nothing but the best for ourselves as well as our clients.
  • We trust our own CREATIVITY – it is our moral responsibility to create healthy, sustainable change in a world that has temporarily lost its way. We are experts at helping you find the solutions you want so that you can choose a sustainable future for yourself.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to assist people in creating healthier and more balanced thinking and behaviours. We aim to share with everyone the ICPKP methods that support and sustain us through the uncontrollable, unpredictable challenges of life.

We use manual muscle testing as a way of accessing the body’s natural feedback mechanisms. This feedback shows a person how they are interacting with their environment and how they can choose to change so that they can thrive and grow. We will do this primarily in our clinics, but also by teaching workshops, and by training more ICPKP professionals.

We recognise that once people tap into their own knowledge and find that they have the power of choice and change, they can create a more stable, peaceful and self-organising system in which to live. We understand the importance of people participating in their own healing. Whilst none of us can do soul work on behalf of another, we are honoured to travel with each person on their journey.