…at ICPKP, kinesiology is more than the study of muscle movement, it’s about helping a person re-activate muscles that haven’t been working at their best.

Muscle testing can be applied to all sorts of life situations, and there are many people, including dentists, chiropractors and physical therapists who use different kinds of muscle testing in their clinics.

An ICPKP practitioner is trained in testing more than 100 muscles and will use as many muscles as possible to find out what is needed,  rather than relying on one arm to test everything. With shoulder problems for instance, muscles all around that area are tested and corrected, and similarly for any joint or area in the body. Relief can be immediate, or part of a series of visits. It makes sense for the client to feel the changes in their whole body so that after their session they can walk out into the world knowing that the problem they came with is a thing of the past, or that now they are learning to deal with it.

ICPKP Kinesiopractors® work with clients who participate physically, mentally and emotionally in the session, and the ICPKP practitioner tests their muscles as they go through the session, to show them how they are doing.