Cheshire Kinesiology takes on iPad learning

Cheshire K students decided to “boldly go” to the frontiers of ICPKP techie based learning and plunge themselves into learning using iPad technology. It all sounds very scary, but actually it will be pretty simple from their point of view, with Apple TV in the teaching room, online tests now being done through the iPad instead of a keyboard/computer. For the future, it will mean that they can access all their learning materials on iPad, including all the ICPKP charts, and the interactive database of finger modes so it is pretty exciting. No more dragging around those heavy book bags when you come to class! At last.

The whole database will be on iPad and iPhone by Christmas and all students can transfer to the iPad system to get their materials online. (there is a fee for all this, but it’s pretty good).

Here’s a link to the Kinesiology iPad App.