The ICPKP practitioner has a deep respect for the person they are working with, and acknowledges that they are the expert in their own life. The practitioner’s role is to work with them to find out what they need.

Research demonstrates that human caring, kindness and empathy enhances the healing process in both allopathic and complementary medicine, so you want to know that your ICPKP practitioner is compassionate and kind. The quality mark of the ICPKP Kinesiopractor® guarantees that the practitioner has done enough personal work that they have developed empathetic skill in dealing with clients. When a practitioner can put themselves in someone else’s shoes, they are able to appreciate another’s viewpoint without judgement. It is only then that the practitioner can participate with the client in their journey.

We are stronger and greater together. You will find your ICPKP practitioner not only skillful, but non-judgemental and compassionate in their dealings with you.