How I came to PKP and how it has changed my life

When I was in my 20s I developed hay fever and, not being happy to take antihistamines for the rest of my life, I began exploring alternatives.

I soon discovered the potential of complementary medicine to help with not just physical problems, but also mental and emotional well-being, spiritual issues and self-development.Over the years, I tried many other therapies, [including reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy massage, as well as some of the less well-known ones such as Rolfing, Bowen Technique, sound therapy and Reconnective Healing.], some of which helped in various ways. I also completed a couple of years of training as a homeopath, but realised it wasn’t for me.

In 1999, I discovered PKP when I went to see Denise Gurney. I was amazed! By using muscle-testing and asking relevant questions, Denise was able to ‘talk to my body’ and find out what was going on, physically and emotionally (often hard to identify on our own), and what I needed to get better. Every session was an exciting voyage of discovery and I always left feeling more positive and quite different from before the appointment.

I was so impressed with PKP, that I recommended Denise and PKP to many of my friends and work colleagues – everyone came away having had a life-changing experience.

In 2000, I decided to take the four-year Professional Kinesiology Practice course. I was able to continue working full-time, while attending classes and doing the homework (mainly hands-on, practical work with willing volunteers). Although I could have started practising after completing the first year of the course, I decided to wait until the third year, so as to gain plenty of experience and confidence.

One of the benefits of the four-year training was that during that time, I was also working on myself and my own ‘stuff’. It meant that by the time I was ready to start practising professionally, I had sorted out a lot of long-term historical issues that were getting in the way of the life I wanted.

Having been a secretary most of my working life, and generally choosing ordinary jobs with little responsibility, I never dreamed that one day I would be seeing clients, mentoring students, giving talks and presentations, and teaching workshops! PKP has been a marvellous life-tool and has helped boost my confidence on every level, helping me let go of negative and unhelpful beliefs and behaviours, and encouraging me to persevere when I get knocked off balance (as we all do from time to time). If an obstacle appears, I have a balance on it!

I am now in the habit of regularly setting goals and reassessing how my life is going. I can test to see if I’m eating the best foods and taking the right supplements, and I’m able to sort out things as soon as they crop up. If I don’t feel well, I can find out what’s going on and what I need to get better, and what changes I need to make. I also find it incredibly helpful to get together with other PKP practitioners – we’re a supportive and inspiring bunch!

PKP particularly appeals to me because it incorporates the best of everything, is hands-on, includes the emotional aspect, brings insight and awareness, is gentle and lots of fun. It accesses the sub-conscious via the body and all the information comes from the person, rather than the practitioner deciding what the person needs. It encourages self-responsibility for health and well-being, and provides tools for managing stress and for achieving one’s full potential. It can help with many problems, whether mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or nutritional and it constantly amazes me in what it enables me and others to achieve!

September 2011