I just didn’t feel right

About 6 years ago I went to the doctor because I just didn’t feel right. Being a farmer’s daughter, I had always been strong and physically fit, but for some reason every time I began to exercise seriously, I would come down with a cold or something and be ill for a week. My gums were not in a good state either (they bled a lot), I was constipated and although I looked OK on the outside, things were obviously not so good on the inside – blood tests and scans though showed there was nothing wrong. Also, for a variety of reasons, neither of my kids were happy at school and were becoming extremely angry. So, thinking they had the problem I took them to a Homeopath for help. She actually listened to the kids (something I was not so good at at the time) and my youngest said out loud, in front of the Homeopath, “Mum – get a life”… he was about 12 at the time!

Well – I was too embarrassed to go back there and my mother suggested I went to see a Naturopath that she knew. That’s when things really started to change. I began to understand that I had to change me and the way I saw things before I could help anyone else. I was so fascinated by the way that this man worked and felt such enormous change in myself that I was determined to train to work the way he did. He used muscle testing, flower essences and chakras… all sorts of wonderful things and, sensing my interest he lent me books which opened up a whole new world for me.

I began to understand that we have emotions and that we have choice and, quite by accident whilst browsing online I came across and enrolled on the PKP certificate course with Dr. Susan Eardley, not having a clue what I was letting myself in for! – purely because it was a regular day each week, looked like it was well structured and did not interfere unduly with family life (or so I thought).

It has been and continues to be a journey of self discovery and wonderment. I feel well, have made many new friends in England and all over the world and for the first time in my life I have dreams of my own that I wish to fulfill. My ultimate goal is to become an ICPKP Faculty member so that I am able to share my passion for PKP with as many other like mined people as possible… step by step I am getting closer to achieving my goal.

Katie Rossi