ICPKP Certificate in Kinesiology

ICPKP Certificate in Kinesiology

ICPKP units:

A&P 1 Anatomy and Physiology (home study)

BKP 101 Energisers and Self Care

BKP 102 Proficient Muscle Testing

BKP 103 Introduction to Law of 5 Elements

BKP 104 The Body's Superficial Energy Connections

BKP 105 The Law of 5 Elements in Depth

BKP 106 Professional Skills, Balancing Protocol with Database

RBT 201 Clinical Body Contact and Palpation

BKP 107 Pain Reduction

BKP 108 Balancing with Food

BKP 109 Adv. Muscle Techniques, Reactivity and Posture

BKP 110 Using Client Health Records

EMS 201 Mastery of Emotional Stress Release

BKP Test End of series assessment

Optional Generic Health industry units:

CPM 1 & 2 Clinical Practice Management (home study)

CSP Clinical Safe Practices (home study)

Off campus:

First Aid First Aid (eg St. John's Ambulance)

SCC Supervised student Clinic experience (50 hours)

PKS Personal Kinesiology sessions (5)