ICPKP Diploma in Kinesiology

ICPKP Diploma in Kinesiology

CBP  Analyse Health Info. : Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pathophysiology 1-3

MST 201 Muscle & Skin Activation

PIB 203 Basic Brain Skills

ECO 201 Lifestyle and Dietary Modification

JAF 201 TMJ and Cranials

MST 202 Shoulder, Elbow, Hand Muscle Protocol

MST 203 Hip, Leg, Foot Muscle Protocol

MST 301 Head, Neck and Trunk Protocol

MST 302 Touch, Clothes and Environment

MST 303 Emotional Anatomy & Emotional Intelligence

ECO 202 Immune Mismatch Responses

ECO 301 Adrenal, Geopathic and Life Energy

ECO 302 Cleansing and Detoxification

EMS 301 Genetic and Meridian Emotional Release

EMS 302 Subconscious Self Perception

JAF 301 Ligaments and Joints

JAF 302 Injury, Strain and Inflexibility

Off campus:

SCC2 Supervised student Clinic experience (50 hours)

PKS2 Personal Kinesiology sessions (5)