ICPKP iPad Kinesiology

Dr and Mrs Bruce Dewe came to Macclesfield at the end of May 2013 using Apple TV to teach an enthusiastic bunch of ICPKP Paddlers how to use the new ICPKP iPad Kinesiology app.

This new venture into the world of teaching kinesiology 21st century style, had the group buzzing with excitement. The next day, Mrs Dewe taught the Pelvic Diaphragm muscles to the group, and most followed the class on their iPads as well as with the old fashioned paper copies. The group are ready to help all sorts of people with urinary, erectile and bowel control problems, so contact your nearest ICPKP practitioner if you’d like to know more.

The weekend was rounded off with an afternoon of Lego Serious Play, with lots of laughter, creativity and pinching of other peoples’ bricks.