New iPad Teaching Model

May 25th 2013 – Dr Bruce Dewe, co-founder of ICPKP

Dr Bruce Dewe is travelling to the UK to present the new iPad teaching model to the UK students and faculty. This is a very exciting breakthrough in ICPKP teaching, and the students will be delighted with the new App – all new students will find their class notes on their iPad, they can make notes on each unit, save pages to a special “my special pages” folder. They can even video bits of class for themselves.

Their online exams are Cloud based and once they pass the online test their Certificate for each unit, it appears on their iPad in full colour. In the next version (due out soon – Apple permitting) they will be able to put their Cert on Facebook.

Bruce is working on a plan for “Oldies” to able to access the units they have taken and get up-to-date versions of them on iPad. Students will be able to print their own Student Assessment Journals.