Lucy Ryan

Lucy Ryan

After extensive studying at the Australian College of Kinesiology Mastery, I qualified as a kinesiologist and set my practice up in Sydney.



I have always had a passion for natural healing therapies, when I lived in Australia a number of years ago decided there's more to life than ground hog day and decided a leap of faith was needed to move across from media to working in an industry where I can enlighten, encourage and help transform peoples lives.

After extensive studying at the Australian College of Kinesiology Mastery, I qualified as a kinesiologist and set my practice up in Sydney, with my passion in helping others achieve their goals and witnessing their 'ah ha' moments, I decided that I wanted to become a faculty member and teach this mind blowing modaility, there really isn’t anything else like it.

Mission Statement:

Lucy's mission is to live out her life purpose and to have the courage to change, continually grow and have the ability to integrate and share her knowledge with others.

What can I expect in a session?

Lucy is committed to helping her clients achieve positive changes and improve overall health and wellbeing, in facilitating this she will use a number of techniques

In each session Lucy will motivate, encourage and assist you in focusing on areas of your life such as:-

  • Health
  • Relationship
  • Career
  • Finance
  • Life contribution

By working on these aspects, your life will never be the same again... it will be better!

Location: Stratford upon Avon


  • PKP Practitoner
  • PKP Faculty
  • Shell Essence Practitioner
  • UK Distributer

Company: Lucy Ryan Kinesiology

Position: Distributer | Practitioner


Mobile: 07423 142240

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Customer Comments: Lucy Ryan

Stratford upon Avon

"Lucy has a unique ability to find and solve the body's niggling worries. Problems I did not consciously know existed were brought to my attention and promptly ironed out through the use of Kinesiology. The emotions and relief expressed personally, helped to clear my head, heart and body enabling me to float out of the door with a revived, positive attitude to life. I cannot recommend Lucy Ryan Kinesiology enough. Give it a try - she communicates with your body better than you do! "
V. Spiers

Stratford upon Avon

"My first session with Lucy was insane, the emotions and issues that came up in my first session totally blew me away. So much so I cannot wait to see her again for my next session. I have also referred my husband and friend. I cannot believe how powerful just one session was, completely life changing"
T Nicholls


"I went to see Lucy as I had a sore neck and shoulder which has been niggling away for the last 5 years after a tragic car accident. I had accepted that it is something that I now live with and nothing I have done to release this has seemed to do anything. In one session, Lucy took me back to the time of the accident and we replayed what had happened. It was very emotional, I hadnt expressed any emotion since it happened and certainly did not expect this in my kinesiology session. After the accident I went to see a psychologist, and certainly never had this sort of reaction in the 7 sessions I had back then. The following day I still felt emotional, but the then had gone! and has now completely disappeared. I was so amazed by this and what Lucy did for me in such a short space of time."


"My session with Lucy was truly enlightening, she takes the time to explain the whole process in an easy way,and has a very caring nature. At times I the session was a little confronting, in terms of what I was discovering about me, but she was there guiding me and holding my hand throughout. She is dedicated in getting results."