Penny Davey

Penny Davey

Penny Davey is a practitioner who works with individual clients and also specialises in kinesiology training in Kent.



Penny found Kinesiology so beneficial and life-changing that in 2000 she decided to take the 'Touch for Health' Kinesiology course, followed by the four-year Professional Kinesiology Practitioner course (that's over 3,800 hours of training, hands-on homework, anatomy & physiology, tests and practical examinations.) Her background also includes two years of homeopathy training as well as a lifelong interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition and holistic health.

Penny is committed to sharing her skills, knowledge and understanding to help others. Penny works in a holistic way with Kinesiology guiding the best way forward for you.


Penny also teaches 13 K-Power® workshops: one or two day kinesiology workshops covering a range of subjects, such as testing and correcting groups of muscles, emotional stress release, Tibetan Healing Energy, face-reading, co-dependency and New Zealand Flower Essences. (See my courses)

Location: Kent

Company: PKP Balance

Position: Director | Teacher | Practitioner


Email: Penny Davey

Phone: 01304 448 912

Mobile: 07766 832 903


  • Institute of Complementary & Natural Medicine
  • British Register of Complementary Practitioners (Senior Practitioner - Kinesiology)
  • Kinesiology Federation
  • Swale Forum of Holistic Practitioners
  • Association of Thought Field Therapy

I am very happy to come and speak to your group or society about kinesiology (with/without a Powerpoint presentation).

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Customer Comments: Penny Davey

Redundancy and Career Change made easy

"I was losing my job. I had been thinking about changing career but I had difficulty letting go of my successful career, and all the training and effort that went into it, and I had no-one to support me financially or emotionally during that change. Working with Penny allowed me to shift and go for what my heart truly desired even if it was scary!!... I gained faith, confidence and handled the change and the fear of it all in a way that I don't think would have been possible without the work with Penny. People would say to me "How can you be so relaxed about it all?"... well, Kinesiology with Penny was the answer... :o) and a few months on it's looking very positive indeed! CL"

Penny's holistic approach

"Penny's holistic approach is foundation to her whole method of work as she listened, understood and offered solutions to the emotional and physical difficulties I was experiencing. Penny offered a way to communicate with myself and by understanding my body and its reactions I was able to "move on" with my life path. Penny's professional and empathetic approach ensured I felt safe and relaxed in order to balance my life again and has enabled me to discover who I truly am. I thank Penny wholeheartedly for that. CH "

A huge thank you

"A huge thank you to Penny for her time and empathy. I was impressed by her very professional approach, delivering an effective balance that addressed my problem. DCB"

Helping my daughter

"Thank you Penny for helping my daughter with her fears of moving from being home educated to going to school for the first time in her life. She fitted into school with ease and after a couple of days she said, "I think seeing Penny has really helped me". I noticed how you helped J.... to feel comfortable and at ease in the kinesiology sessions and how it has helped her feel more confident with her reading and writing and has released the stress that she had previously felt when reading to people she didn't know. HN"