Therapy training courses

ICPKP UK provides an internationally recognised training course leading to competency based qualifications at Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels. It is a complete course, containing all the units required for a 21st century practitioner who needs skills in practice management, health and safety issues, cultural sensitivity and developing professional relationships, alongside the obviously essential skills of being a kinesiopractor® in training.

Basic kinesiopractic® therapy training course

This course takes just over a year to complete, and students are assessed for competency throughout. Several units are described as “common units” which means that they are suitable as training courses for all kinds of therapy practitioners. The British Register of Complementary Practitioners ( has affiliated all the units in this ICPKP Certification Programme and it is planned to make these common units available to as training courses for therapists other than kinesiologists or kinesiopractors® in training.


Therapists of all kinds will find units in the ICPKP training courses that will be a valuable addition to their therapy toolbox, or that will meet their Continuing Professional Development needs. Many of the ICPKP units have been formatted as K-Power® workshops so that they provide kinesiology therapy training courses for practitioners from other modalities. There are 18 K-Power® workshops providing intensive, value for money training, and therapists are delighted by the complexity and depth of the material taught in these training courses.

Therapy vs.Participation

The word therapy is used a lot in the world of complementary and alternative medicine, and is understood to be the caring treatment of disease – whether this is by Aromatherapy, Massage therapy, Bowen therapy and the list goes on. One person is the expert, and one is receiving the treatment. For ICPKP practitioners, “therapy” looks somewhat different. All the ICPKP therapy training courses teach techniques on how to sort out physical, emotional, mental, nutritional or spiritual problems in the client. But the training courses are much more than simple therapy. One of the key indicators of an ICPKP practitioner is how they provide a compassionate and loving Presence in which the client is able to do their own healing. This is not a technique that can be taught in a therapy training course, but something which develops organically in the practitioner as they work on themselves and their own personal growth. This is the strength of the ICPKP therapy training courses – they enable a practitioner to become that compassionate, caring soul who has the practical knowledge and also the business skills to be a kinesiopractor®. We walk our talk, it is not enough for us to be therapists who practice our skills on everyone else – we have been through the changes ourselves and we can walk with you as you go through yours.

So, when you are thinking of taking a therapy training course, ask yourself what path you are on. Do you want to take care of others, or do you want to be Present with them and assist them in realising themselves? To avoid burnout and co-dependency issues, the ICPKP therapy training courses are without doubt, the best available.