ICPKP Advanced Diploma in Kinesiopractice®

ICPKP Advanced Diploma in Kinesiopractice®

EMS 303 Dreams, Goals and Attitudes

EMS 304 Releasing Limiting Stress Responses

VEF 201 Flower Essences

VEF 301 Gems & other vibrational energy fields

VEF 302 Metaphysical energy fields

HMR 201 Hypertonic Muscle Release - basic

HMR 301 Hypertonic Release – Arms and Legs

HMR 302 Hypertonic Release – Head, Neck, Torso

PDG 301 Pelvic Postures and Sacral Balancing

PDG 302 Pelvic Diaphragm

BVL 301 Valves, Viscera and Blood Vessels

BVL 302 Breast and other Lymph Clearing

OCT 302 Diagnosis &Treatment vs Kinesiology Protocol (Red Flags)