Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis is a practitioner who works with individual clients and also specialises in kinesiology training in Berkshire.



Originally a counsellor, I have 18 years experience in enabling people to improve their lives, culminating in a thriving kinesiology practice.

I am a Senior Member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (SBRCP)

Locations: Newbury, in Berkshire


  • ICPKP Certificate in Kinesiology
  • ICPKP Student Faculty
  • ICPKP K-Power® Instructor
  • Oxford Professional Qualif. in Advanced Counselling

Company: West Berkshire Kinesiology

Position: Director/Teacher/Practitioner

Mobile: 07968 740 550

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Natures Corner,
73 Northbrook Street,
Newbury, Berkshire,
RG14 1AE

01635 33007

The Berkshire Holistic Health Centre,
27 Craven Road,
Newbury, Berkshire,
RG14 5NG

01635 31679

Customer Comments: Martin Lewis

Thankful, 2011.09.03

"I cannot recommend Martin enough for any health problem. He has helped me with a variety of issues. I came to him for some physical problems - originally digestive in nature, but my entire body was very run down. I've been diagnosed with IBS, ME/CFS and have had fertility problems. However, seeing him for the past three and a half years has been life changing and has helped me to examine and change faulty thinking that was contributing to my problems as well as diet changes and environmental changes that have helped my problems to subside. It has helped me to understand myself so much better and to make better choices about priorities in life and life balance. My symptoms have improved and I feel this experience will benefit me long after my physical symptoms subside. He provides a very calm and safe environment to tackle long standing issues and is a great person."

Anne Ball, 2011.07.24

"Absolutely amazing; I highly recommend this therapy and therapist. I experience Martin as down to earth, warm and caring with a non- judgemental attitude which allows a safe place to work on any issue that arises. I find explaining kinesiology difficult, but i suggest if you are suffering any emotional, physical problems or find it difficult to progress your life forward give Martin a call, you will not regret it."

Lucinda Bennett, 2011.06.16

"Martin has brilliant skill and ability to be the catalyst to aid the body's own healing ability. He gets to the root cause and provides the safe environment to shift and heal all varieties of illness and problems."