Kinga Papp

Kinga Papp

Kinga is also the Principal of North West London Kinesiology and is sharing the joy of PKP Kinesiology with students who would like to study this wonderful modality.



Kinga is a driven and charismatic individual with a vastly eclectic background in her life and career. Although she initially enjoyed a very successful corporate career in the field of international advertising, she felt that something in her life was missing.
Therefore, she packed her suitcase and relocated to the Big Apple, NYC, where she started moving her first steps in the world of natural care and kinesiology.
Kinga took further undergraduate studies in Health Sciences and Naturopathy. Before training to become a PKP Kinesiologist, she worked as a naturopath in the clinic of a well-known N.D. in the New York, New Jersey area.
Kinga started her ICPKP studies in New York City, later she moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she finished her International Diploma in Professional Kinesiology and she became a Faculty Member. 
Today Kinga is based in London UK.
Kinga is also the Principal of North West London Kinesiology and is sharing the joy of PKP Kinesiology with students who would like to study this wonderful modality. Kinga also is leading different workshops in person and online.

Location: London


  • PGCE, Teacher Training (UK, London)
  • Faculty Training (FAC1) for ICPKP (Australia, Melbourne)
  • International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practice (Australia)
  • International Certificate of Professional Kinesiology Practice (USA)
  • Advanced Kinesiology Workshop: Applied Glands and Hormones (Australia)
  • Licence in Naturopathy (USA)
  • Certificate in Clinical Iridology (USA)
  • Advanced Certificate in Holistic Health Councelling (USA)
  • Certificate in Aromatherapy: Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique (Australia)
  • B.A. and further university Health Science studies (Hungary and USA)

Company: North West London Kinesiology

Position: Principal



Phone: +447568581341



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Customer Comments: Kinga Papp

“I have found tremendous benefit in working with Kinga to improve the quality of my life over the last two years.  All my close family members, friends and business colleagues to whom I have recommended her, have also benefited from working with her.”
Mr. R. Dinesh, Managing Director of TVS Logistics.

" In working with Kinga, she enabled in me the ability to dig deep, uncover my unique gifts and talents and achieve a level of leadership and success I wasn't sure was possible during a very difficult time in my life.  As a result of the leadership position I have attained, I am able to impact the lives of many more people than I ever thought possible.  Working with Kinga helped me identify and manifest the role I was meant to play in my life.
Jane K., Ass. Principal, New York City, US

"I feel very balanced after my sessions with Kinga, her approach is all rounded and she uses many techniques to solve the problem! I have not experienced  a repeat of any of my issues after her sessions. Kinga's sessions are really great as they calm me and give me perspective. At the end of it I really feel healed. I am fortunate to be able to have access to her expertise"
Bharthi Prakash, Founder of Studio Tara, Bespoke Jewelry, Chennai, India

 "Through Kinga’s kinesiology and coaching knowledge, we were able to identify what truly governs my art practice and the stumbling blocks that were holding me back. Together, we overcame these which has enabled my emotions to flow more easily when I am in my studio. This has had a positive impact my work. It has influenced the way I interpret landscapes and have been able to produce a greater number of paintings over the year."
Candy Le Sueur, NYC, USA