What PKP has done for me

I went for my first PKP session in 1989, hoping for some improvement in my ability to breathe – I had been diagnosed with asthma in my late teens, and it was getting worse with the stress of spending my time juggling all the roles that 20th/21st century woman has to cope with.

That first “balance” was like nothing I had ever tried before, and yet at some level my body seemed to completely understand what was going on. I did the required homework for 3 weeks, and hey presto, my breathing improved!

Did I lose all the asthma? Not completely; but it is tons better, and the poor breathing has become a great teacher for me showing me when I am off track and not following my life path. It gets my attention, and I sort out whatever the current challenge is by getting another balance, putting my life straight and therefore improving my breathing.

I decided that I wanted to help others using PKP and along the way I have studied so many kinds of kinesiology and other Complementary methods, but PKP has remained for me the surest way of finding out my personal truth, and then the best way for me to make sense of my world. I manage my life, my health, my career, all using PKP balancing.

What a gift in my life. I know myself better, I am stronger, wiser and a kinder person for having studied PKP, and I feel very blessed. Thank you Dr and Mrs Dewe. Xx

Denise Gurney